Month: January 2016

  • iOS 9.3: exciting cool updates I can’t wait for

    The iOS 9.3 has been available for developers for a while, and there a few huge updates that most of iPhone users will find beneficial (once we face the updates). Here are the ones that everyone is talking about…

  • This is leaked iPhone 6c video, isn’t it?

    This Youtube channel (@micgadget) posted this video of the so-called leaked iPhone 6c, which is rumoured to arrive the stores along with the upcoming new iPhone 7. It is said that iPhone 6c will be a 4-inch sized smartphone that inherits it’s predecessors best features in a smaller package. This is a screenshot form the…

  • This cute pixelated Star Wars video made me smile

    Although the concept of death isn’t a funny thing, somehow the Youtube channel (@pipocaVFX) just made me smile at these pixelated Star Wars light sabre fights. This isn’t just another Youtube Star Wars video. Just see for yourself.

  • Bragi Dash earbuds is the only wireless you want

    This year’s CES 2016 had many exciting products, but the wireless headphones with such an amazing and simple technology is what concerned me most. Bragi Dash earbuds are wireless in-ear headphones that have a long-lasting battery (compared to competition), incredible sound quality and something that I want you to really read carefully…

  • Spotify: My Free Trial Experience +Music Inspiration

    I have just started my free trial on Spotify and so far I like it a lot. Although I see major differences from Apple Music. There’s a fundamental (maybe even philosophical) difference between the two giants. Apple Music is more for personal use, so folks at Apple realise how personal and intimate can music get…

  • App Store account without credit card – Easy How-to

    I’ve been trying to download one app that is not available in Kazakhstani store. Trying to change App Store country failed, because it won’t let me based on my Kazakhstani credit card. So I had to come up with an idea of creating an App Store account without credit card.

  • Hottest tech trends from CES 2016

    Last couple of years CES hottest trends had been all about the drones, virtual reality and wearable tech. One of those days I’ll try to make it to the show itself. Here’s what I found online about CES 2016.

  • Happy Birthday to Zanzebek Blog! 🙂

    On the night of 6th of January 2015 in Almaty I decided to embark on an adventure of a blogger. It was something like a New Years resolution but with a much stronger intention. So far it was incredible!

  • I can’t wait to play these video games in 2016

    Video games in 2016 are going to be brutal in every way. Insanely better quality, more sophisticated story lines, etc. Most of the games were revealed during the E3 2015, but not all.