I can’t wait to play these video games in 2016

Video games in 2016 are going to be brutal in every way. Insanely better quality, more sophisticated story lines, etc. Most of the games were revealed during the E3 2015, but not all. 

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I have my eye on the following video games in 2016.

Inside by Playdead

Creators of Limbo app that I first played on my iPhone made something very similar and yet so different to Limbo. One of the things I’m hoping for in the Inside game is that it’s story line will span longer than of Limbo’s.

For Honor

Available only on consoles the game is promising an unusual gameplay. As I understood I can choose any “race” to fight for and the result can be unpredictable.

Mafia 3

The continuation of a familiar Mafia lifestyle story. I think I wouldn’t car how much the game graphics and user experience would improve compared to the previous version. This game is about loyalty and revenge. With the Mafia games I engage with the storyline more than graphics.

Gears of War 4

Gears of War is a game I fell in love with once I’ve been introduced to it. Thanks to Dante, my old flat-mate from the UK, who passed on his passion to the Gears of War. Although it is a different company now who makes the game compared to the first three prequels, the E3 Gameplay Preview proves that nothing that we, the fans, love so much has gone. It’s all in there and didn’t go anywhere.

Rise of the tomb raider

Do you want to know the last time I played any of the Tomb Raider games? In 1998. I was 7 years old. It was Playstation 1. I rejected any Tomb Raider games ever since. Cause they sucked. But now, based on the trailer and the E3 Gameplay preview I’m having my second thoughts.


OMG, after watching this trailer you’ll see why I’m saying ‘OMG’. In case you won’t: the Division added assistant characters so you don’t feel alone. How genius is that? That’s what I was looking for in the games. Well, I was making sure my friends are playing with me, but now… Oh!

You can Pre-Order ‘Tom Clancy’s The Division’ here.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Killing those robot dinosaurs could get really tricky. I like that! 🙂


Well, to be honest I missed the other Uncharted parts, but this time I am willing to grasp the world of Uncharted 4.

You can Pre-Order ‘The Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End’ here.

Pokemon are back to Video games in 2016

I mean what would a Pokemon fan want more than catching a Pokemon in real life? Well, almost in real life. Nintendo have revealed this teaser trailer for ‘Pokemon: GO’ without revealing anything else about the game. But what I expect is literally similar experience as with the original Pokemon Gameboy series, but rather amplified with the new technology like smartphones’ built-in location services, powerful bluetooth and wi-fi hardware, internet availability, etc. Everyone would be able to feel like they’re an Ash Ketchum, Misty or Brock. I wonder if Nintendo are going to build a digital world where Pokemon trainers could go to the Pokemon GYM, Pokemart and Pokemon Center. That’s what I imagine video games in 2016 would be like…at least they should.

The Witness

As I understood you are being a part of a lonely island with a great soundtrack. Not sure what you have to do, but the trailer looks welcoming. This is the sort of new games that I would rather try at the mall first and then make my purchase decision.

In The Witness, you explore an abandoned island and solve the puzzles you find there. – Playstation.com

I think that will be enough of the playing for the whole year, taking into account the Dota 2 and my iOS games. When would I blog if more games added to the list, right?

Anyways, if there are any games you think I’d really like, don’t be shy and tell me in the comments!






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