Month: May 2015

  • My May ’15 Favourite Playlist of Electronic Songs

    May was full of important news and productive updates not only in Zanzebek Blog, but also in my personal life. Lately (couple of months) I’ve been digging electronic songs, and I can’t imagine my life’s soundtrack without them now. Here’s the Best Of May 2015 Electronic Songs Playlist that I found, pkease enjoy and tell me what…

  • The New Steve Jobs Movie Trailer #1

    Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs I’m not sure how different would it be than the ‘Jobs’ movie starring Ashton Kutcher, but I’d love to see the new movie even if it’ll portray exactly the same idea. How I see it: Steve Jobs is the person to have dozen movies about. Steve Jobs (2015) on IMDB…

  • A Simple Text Message Can Ruin Any iPhone

    Many people around the web started complaining about some mysterious text message that made their iPhone restart and not able to open the Messages app.

  • Formula 1 Monte Carlo 2015 Highlights

    There were things that are considered unusual and things that are normal to the Monte Carlo F1 race history. There’s something about Monaco F1 race that makes it special among others. Watch the most impressive moments of the race to feel the energy of the day. Here’s the official Formula 1 Monte Carlo ’15 Race…

  • ASAP Rocky new Album Released a Week Before Planned – Today

    The second studio album name – ‘At.Long.Last.A$AP’. I found out about his first album relatively late, and I wish someone showed it to me earlier. Here is ASAP Rocky new album (second studio album) and I’m right on time, which means someone else doesn’t know. Friends and readers-to-become-friends, I’m sharing this post for you! View image |…

  • Simplified Explanation Why We Can’t Fall Asleep at Night.

    Have you ever wondered why you don’t want to sleep at night even though you were sleepy the whole day? I experience that a LOT, but never actually got to understand why I can’t fall asleep at night even when I’m so tired. However, the recent article from The Economist explained everything. Here’s my simplified…

  • Solution: Revive Not Charging 5 Second Red Light iPod Shuffle

    It’s been almost a year since I couldn’t use my iPod Shuffle. One day it just stopped responding. When I used to desperately plug it in to a socket it gave me a 5 second red light and back to nothing. My Macbook Air didn’t recognize the connection, so it didn’t appear in iTunes. BUT…

  • 8 Ways to Stay Creative

    As a blogger I always stumble upon lack of creativity. I used to just wait until it strikes me and hope that I’ll be ready to work. It wasn’t particularly efficient or productive. Now tho, instead of just waiting, I found a few tricks to waken up my brain and stay creative whenever I want.

  • VEVO World Record : Taylor Swift – Bad Blood (37Mln Views)

    I always wait for releases of Taylor Swift’s new songs and music videos. Plus Kendrick is on it, so can’t really say more. Today’s VEVO World Record is there for a reason. Check out the video. Here’s Taylor’s response on Twitter:

  • Must-See: Coldplay & Game Of Thrones + Emilia Clarke in a GoT Musical

    I couldn’t not share this video for many reasons. One of them is that it’s incredible. The song is so catchy I feel like I want to sing it for another week. If there will be a full version for iTunes I’ll be the first in line to download it.