Happy Birthday to Zanzebek Blog! 🙂

On the night of 6th of January 2015 in Almaty I decided to embark on an adventure of a blogger. It was something like a New Years resolution but with a much stronger intention. So far it was incredible!

What a great year to blog!

Looking back at 2015 (yes, I’m reviewing 2015 after 2016 starts – my bad) I realise how far have I climbed with the blogging and everything that’s related to it. First of all, I’d like to Thank You, my readers, followers and subscribers! You are the people who make me Happy about my life and my baby blog.

Oh my God! Let’s Be Friends – I’m dying to see how this one ends (or doesn’t)

I just wanted to let you know that you guys are always welcome to DM me via any of the social networks I’m in (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, Twitter and Pinterest). I’d be happy to chat. Moreover, if you are into video games in any ways, add me on Steam or Game Center (@Zanzebek.com) and let’s have some fun (sadly, it’s something that gaming community needs a lot these days). My nickname is @Zanzebek wherever you want to find me 🙂 Let’s make this year even more fun than previous!

As I’m off from holidays and am back to work, I am also back to work (or play) on my blog. The Game Is On 🙂

Happy Birthday to Zanzebek Blog & Zanzebek Is Back to Work






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