Month: April 2016

  • The Economist about Dota 2, Cloud 9 and BigDaddy

    It seems like the world finally starts to recognise the significance of the  e-sports, except my parents though. My favourite newspaper on world economics, business, politics and culture – The Economist – published a video on their Youtube Channel about Dota 2 with BigDaddy of (then) Cloud9 team as the main hero of the film. That was…

  • Moleskine Toy Story Limited Edition

    As a huge fan of  Pixar’s Toy Story trilogy (or soon-to-be tetralogy), I was super excited to see this Moleskine Toy Story Limited Edition. The series of luxury notebooks range from pocket to large ruled notebooks in Toy Story (-ish) colours.

  • Gears of war 4 gameplay trailer

    Latest Gears of War 4 Gameplay trailer shows off their latest upgrades of “gameplay goodies” that many fans from the previous stories know so well. One of the top favourites are ways to finish off locust’s life. In Gears of War 4 you’ll now have even more ways to do that and show off your superiority…

  • Moleskine Game of Thrones Edition Trailer

    I was hoping Moleskine Game of Thrones edition happen someday soon before the Season 6 Premiere, and it did. Moleskine and HBO collaborated on Moleskine’s Game of Thrones Edition Notebook Series for every of our favourite houses of Westeros.

  • Kid Cudi – “All In” is available now on Soundcloud

    I might not have told this yet, but I’m a HUGE Fan of Kid Cudi. Unexplainably HUGE Fan. And if you’re into any of his songs, I believe you’d be glad to know that Kid Cudi dropped this track “All In” on Soundcloud (@Cudderland) and commented as “just the beginning”. Nice to hear that

  • 100 Years of Film Industry in One Sit

    It’s pretty difficult to make these kinds of videos. You have to really be passionate about it for the result to be as good as this. I think passion shines in this video compilation “100 Years/100 Shots” by Jacob T. Swinney. I believe that everyone will find one or two of his all-time-favourites in the video.…

  • Speak Valyrian Like Denny

    There’s something special about High Valyrian than other languages of the Game of Thrones world. I just found this infographic that teaches you to speak Valyrian on a basic level. I think t’ll be fun to joke around (if learned successfully), the Game-of-Thrones way. Some of the phrases are pretty easy to learn and pronounce, whilst…

  • How I Fight Burning Out

    It’s been few months since I realised I’m feeling burnt out. After my own therapy against it. How I fight burning out? Here’s what I jotted down for everyone in the same state.

  • Gain followers despite the Instagram algorithm change

    Not too long ago Instagram algorithm change was announced on official Instagram blog, which led to panic among the social network members. But instead of trying to fight the new algorithm, we can successfully adapt to it. Here are my suggestions for everyone who still wants to be influential on Social Networks.

  • Apple’s New Headquarters – A Giant Home Button

    Apple’s New headquarters building is said to strive to depict the home button of an iPhone. This giant home button for the Earth. Can humanity leave it’s fingerprint to Unlock the screen of Earth? That’s a tough metaphor to handle.