App Store account without credit card – Easy How-to

I’ve been trying to download one app that is not available in Kazakhstani store. Trying to change App Store country failed, because it won’t let me based on my Kazakhstani credit card. So I had to come up with an idea of creating an App Store account without credit card.

App Store no credit card option featured

I clearly remember this option was available when I was in the UK, but I didn’t use it, since I used to have a UK debit card.

Before starting there’s one thing to know – you must create a new App Store account in order to do that. Therefore, you should prepare an extra email that belongs to you (you will need that to activate App Store later).

8 Steps to create app store account without credit card

  1. Log out from your existing App Store account.
  2. By browsing (unlogged-in) App Store try to download a free app by pressing “Get” button
    App Store account without credit card 01 App Store account without credit card 02
  3. Select “Create App Store ID”
    Press Create Apple ID
  4. Choose your preferred country and proceed with the usual registration steps
    Choose your preferred country Proceed with registration
  5. Once you see the Credit Card field, there will be a “None” option available to choose (YAY!)Credit Card field - Choose NONE
  6. Proceed till the end
  7. Activate this new Apple ID from a link Apple sends to your email
  8. Voila! Now you can download any free app on the App Store

BTW, that’s how I downloaded Spotify. It isn’t available in Kazakhstan, but I still enjoy all of it here. Really makes me feel connected with the world. I have a few more apps from the UK app store on my mind, but I really want to save it for later. Oh, and I finally updated my Kindle iOS app, that I had on my iPhone for a year now without updating to the latest unbuggy version. It’s a shame really that people like me are willing to pay for the good stuff, but can’t only because we’re in a different location. That’s not how internet is supposed to work.

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