Hottest tech trends from CES 2016

Last couple of years CES hottest trends had been all about the drones, virtual reality and wearable tech. One of those days I’ll try to make it to the show itself. Here’s what I found online about CES 2016.

Zanzebek CES 2016

What about the drones?

Last year has been a lot about the drones. Some regulations have begun to emerge to manage drones circulating the urban air spaces.

Onagofly Drone Follows it's Owner

This small drone from Onagofly costs only $199 and it’s main difference from competition is that it follows it’s owner everywhere avoiding obstacles and recording HD videos. You’ll have to get a licence even for this little chap. However, the first owner-following drone I saw in 2015 was Lily Cam. Either way, drones are becoming an unavoidable parts of our everyday tech.

What’s with the VR tech on ces 2016?

Oculus Rift Zanzebek Blog CES 2016

Oculus Rift, the Virtual Reality console, is going to masses with a fairer price and more fun.

What to wear?

It’s not only about Apple and Samsung trying to take over the market that Pebble wasn’t trying too hard to. Many companies are entering the smart-watch industry. Hence more and more cool stuff will be available right on your wrist. For example there’s this bracelet that let’s you control  new BB8 toy with hand movements as a real-life jedi. Not to mention that your phone will be ringing with BB8 sounds all the time.

Star Wars BB8 wearable

Your dog can wear stuff too. Guys at PitPat developed this wearable tracker for your dog. It analyses data from their day-to-day activities and delivers the info right into your phone.

Dog wearable at CES 2016

E-cars are “stealing the thunder” on ces 2016

Everyone keeps saying how secretive Faraday company is, the new Tesla competitor. Fair enough, knowing the fact that no one even new they were working on something this big.

Faraday FFZERO1 at CES 2016

More info on what happened at CES 2016 you can find on their official website here.






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