This cute pixelated Star Wars video made me smile

Although the concept of death isn’t a funny thing, somehow the Youtube channel (@pipocaVFX) just made me smile at these pixelated Star Wars light sabre fights. This isn’t just another Youtube Star Wars video. Just see for yourself.

pixelated Star Wars Zanzebek main

Pixelated Star Wars Video

Now I want to play this game. I feel like it’s a proper pixelated game. If you ever find a Star Wars game similar to this, please let me know in the comments or in any of the social networks that I’m in!

Not the first pixelated Star Wars Animation

So far after the work on The Force Awakens begun, the internet flourished with the Star Wars themed content, thanks to the loyal community of the SW universe fans, and GIFs are main part of it.

pixelated Star Wars Zanzebek 6

pixelated Star Wars Zanzebek 4

pixelated Star Wars Zanzebek 3

pixelated Star Wars Zanzebek 2

pixelated Star Wars Zanzebek 1 light

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PS: If you’re still on the Star Wars hype, you have to play this browser+iPhone Star Wars game.






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