Bragi Dash earbuds is the only wireless you want

This year’s CES 2016 had many exciting products, but the wireless headphones with such an amazing and simple technology is what concerned me most. Bragi Dash earbuds are wireless in-ear headphones that have a long-lasting battery (compared to competition), incredible sound quality and something that I want you to really read carefully…

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Now that I have my Apple Music, Spotify and Netflix set up, I desperately need a pair of ear-goods. When I look at Bragi Dash specs, pics and vids I start to think they are the ones.


Bluetooth is the way to go and folks at Bragi know it. It connects to your iPhone via the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Which as you’d expect is more powerful and energy efficient than it’s predecessor.


You can’t avoid calls nowadays, especially when you’re caught in a noisy environment. Noise-cancelling is a must have on all headphones with mic. With Bragi Dash you won’t lose that one, it’s all in there.

Good battery

Okay, 6 hours is pretty much a lot for such a small thing. But if it’s not enough for you, the Dash comes with it’s own powerbank to charge on the go. As far as I know the powerbank holds 5 earbud charges.

Hearing Aid for everyone

Now that’s exciting. You must’ve been in a situation when you’re listening to music and then somebody approaches you to talk. Being a polite woose as I am, you’d have to pull the earbuds of and engage in a super exciting conversation. After that you have to put them on again and make sure they fit right. And by the time you succeed someone else would want to talk to you. “Repeat from step 1”. Now that’s about to end with Bragi Dash.

The earbuds use their microphone and audio to transmit outer sounds into your ears so you don’t have to put earbuds on and of over and over.

Hand gestures and touch

As you might have spotted from the pictures, Bragi Dash don’t have buttons. It’s all about touch. So once you learn the touch and gestures, you’re good to go.

When is bragi dash going to be released?

February 2016, but you can order now at their official store.






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