This is leaked iPhone 6c video, isn’t it?

This Youtube channel (@micgadget) posted this video of the so-called leaked iPhone 6c, which is rumoured to arrive the stores along with the upcoming new iPhone 7. It is said that iPhone 6c will be a 4-inch sized smartphone that inherits it’s predecessors best features in a smaller package. This is a screenshot form the video:

leaked 4-inch iPhone 6c zanzebek

Leaked 4-inch iPhone 6c video

Basically it is a smaller iPhone 6, just like Apple did with the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. iPhone 5C used to be a replicated but colourful version of the iPhone 5. Will Apple do the same with iPhone 6? It is still to be confirmed.

Is it iPhone 6c, really?

Personally, I thought this was an iPhone 6 or 6S. Nothing hints at differences between the video and 6 or 6S. Also the 4-inch size isn’t confirmable by observing the hand touching an iPhone. But this is a first leaked iPhone video this year. This kind of move is rumoured to be Apple’s PR Departments strategic move to spur the iPhone talks for better sales after an official release.

Sh-h-h-h-h-hare 😉






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