Spotify: My Free Trial Experience +Music Inspiration

I have just started my free trial on Spotify and so far I like it a lot. Although I see major differences from Apple Music. There’s a fundamental (maybe even philosophical) difference between the two giants. Apple Music is more for personal use, so folks at Apple realise how personal and intimate can music get for one. However, Spotify lads realise the other truth – music has also been a social phenomenon throughout the course of human existence. Therefore, based on these two assumptions I see how user experience differs between the two…

Zanzebek Spotify 30 day free trial

Even though I am a big fan of Apple products and services I cannot deny the importance of such services as Spotify.

My playlists

First of all, I can share latest music that I want to share with you here on my blog. This post was initially named January Music Inspiration 🙂 I guess it is kind of inspiring.

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playlists by spotify

Secondly, they make playlists not only on the songs and artists I like, but also based on our lifestyle. If you’re studying and want to put on your headphones, it takes time to make sure you don’t have distracting songs that don’t help your coursework.

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There are more playlists, you’ll only have to browse them and save the one’s you like.


Third thing is important: Musixmatch collaborated with Spotify to provide song lyrics while you listen. I’ve been dreaming of this feature since iOS 7 update had destroyed the ability to see song lyrics that I added via iTunes manually. This is how it looks on a Mac app now…

Spotify lyrics - zanzebek


Radio is a great thing to use and be on the same wave with the world. Right now I’m listening to The Weekend Radio station, which… I don’t know how it collects songs together. Why am I not sure? Because not only are there The Weekend’s tracks, but also other artists (I have Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’ in my headphones right now).

Oh, and one more thing… If you’re a Mac user, your built-in keyboard buttons for Play/Pause Next/Previous songs work with the Spotify Mac App.

Follow Spoti-friends

Just connect to your Facebook account and you’ll see friends on Spotify. Remember those moments when your friends show some new song and you try to Shazam or take a screenshot to download the song later? These days could be over when you see friends’ songs and add them instantly. So that when you meet, you can rock with the lyrics right away.


Huge disadvantage of Spotify is that Taylor Swift is not in there. WHAT? Her songs are like in every playlist I create. So maybe I’m not in the Spotify’s “Perfect Clients” list, after all I’m based in Kazakhstan, where this music service isn’t available (yet).

Download the app for iOS and/or the Mac app






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