About Zanzebek

Hi there! I’m Zhanibek, but you can call me Zanzebek.

This is me on the photo above.

Just sitting there in my room and blogging and stuff.

I study Management at the Kazakh-british Technical University in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Why this blog?

What have I done so far that you have to read my posts and follow my social media profiles? Honestly, nothing too impressive. I’m just another guy who’s passionate enough about technology, media, changes in the world and everything new and vintage – to have a blog and post about it.

The idea of me blogging started out when I realised that I bore some of my friends with the news that are different from what they’re being stuffed with by TV news and newspapers. These are the news I read about online from my favourite blogs, forums, youtube channels, twitter and instagram pages and so many more. So some other friends feel excited about the things I share and want more from me. I used to show my own creations along the way, so that too moved to zanzebek.com.

When I felt that I was overdoing it, and not always my friends wanted to hear these news and see photos and videos, I decided to create a space online to have, collect all the stories that I would’ve been otherwise telling my friends about in person.

The key turning topic though is Apple updates about iOS, Apps, Games, Apple Keynotes and everything related.

Who Zanzebek really is?

Stay tuned, more info about me is coming. In the meantime, drop by the comments anywhere form this blog to my social profiles and say Hi! All be happy to reply!

Have you seen my YouTube Channel? If not, I think you should, because I’m becoming overly active out there. All videos from Zanzebek YouTube channel go here as blogposts too though.

Thank you for reading and see you in the comments!

PS: If you want to contact me, please use this form below.


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