iOS 9.3: exciting cool updates I can’t wait for

The iOS 9.3 has been available for developers for a while, and there a few huge updates that most of iPhone users will find beneficial (once we face the updates). Here are the ones that everyone is talking about…

Lock your private notes

iOS 9.3 Notes Touch ID Zanzebek

Night Shift makes you fall asleep…When You Planned

Sleep well by adjusting screen brightness to night mode with Night Shift. It’s not precisely about Screen Brightness, it’s more about it’s color. Last year I’ve explained the physics behind the reason why we can’t fall asleep. In short, our body thinks that iPhone (or any other) screen is Sun, so makes us not fall asleep for natural reasons. Now Apple has targeted this exact problem with Night Shift.

iOS 9.3 Night Shift mode

Image Source: Jason Cipriani/CNET

Education Got better in iOS 93

iOS 9.3 Education Zanzebek

One iPhone, Multiple Apple Watches

If for any reason you have more Watches than one, with iOS 9.3 you can connect multiple Apple Watches, although you must have Watch OS 2.2 to be able to synchronise that much. I would gladly enjoy this feature once I have at least one Watch löl.


Apple’s app for reading the news has minor updates that would let you have personalised news in the newsfeed. You’ll also see Editor’s Picks, which will probably feature world’s most hot topics for that moment. Oh, and you’ll be able to see videos properly, just like in Facebook.

CarPlay with iOS 9.3

Now you’ll be able to play Apple Music’s ‘For You’ tab and enjoy your rides. Maps app has also nice little improvements, such as more precise nearby spots to eat some food or fill the gas.


Health App now can show more data about you from you Watch and iPhone. It’s the move and stand data, your weight (why?!) and third party recommendations.

You can download and try iOS 9.3 Beta version any time now, all you have to do is to be signed up as a developer over at Apple.






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