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Somewhere around June 13th Apple should conduct their WWDC 2016. It’s the (one of the) most awaited developers conference of each year. Well, by me at least. Usually, WWDC is the time when Apple announces their upcoming operating system updates, and this year they are iOS 10 and OS X 10.12. These are fundamental topics to expect. However, since WWDC 2015 Apple began adding more topics to the event, especially since it began attracting non-developers from around the world too. I’m going to talk about these novelties in this post.
WWDC 2016 Date - Siri Announcement - Zanzebek Tech

iOS 10 for iPhone (5S and above), iPad (Mini 3 and above) and iPod (5th gen and above)

Now that iOS serves more types of devices than the OS X, attention to the mobile operating system starts to gain even more momentum.

The updates and additions that I expect on a new iOS 10 (given that it’s a pre-party for the iPhone 7 launch in September-October 2016):

  • Better Music App – because it’s a little inconvenient now
  • Better Apple Pay
  • Deeper Siri integration
  • Fresh overall design
  • This year is all about Augmented and Virtual Realities, I hope iOS 10 is ready to take that over
  • This year is all also a hell of a lot about Artificial Intelligence – Siri was so far among the leaders. It has to keep up the leadership, cause we all know that (AI) leaders are not born, they are made (by Apple?).

OS X 10.12 for Macbook laptops, iMac, Mac Pro and the Mac Mini

As one of the minor cool features, I’d love to see Night Shift move from iOS to OS X as well.

And I cannot repeat it enough: Siri for OS X, please! This year it probably is going to finally happen.


The new watchOS has got be cool and ready for the next Apple Watch model which is to be announced this fall.


I know almost nothing about the tvOS current state, so I cannot speculate on that one. However, I do know that more apps are being used on the Apple TV and developers are seeing certain interest in conquering users in that field.

Apple Pay

Apple wants to expand to even more countries, because why not? Oh, and more platforms and apps as well.

-Hey Siri! – Are your part of WWDC 2016 Keynote?

Apple have been caught willing to open up Siri SDK for developers. So we might finally be able to ask Siri to like that picture of a girl on Instagram.

Of course, Tim Cook has to present everyone with even more cool ways to interact with Siri.

The New Macbook (Air)? It’s Time!

Last year on WWDC ’15 Apple announced the brand new Macbook, which reminded the Macbook Air very much, but smaller, lighter, etc. This time, I hope the Macbook Air gets to see the update.

Apple Design Awards

This is what I’m more excited about this year. What’s different about this year’s Apple Design Awards compared to the previous years? You see, there are now tons of developers on the App Store and Mac App Store, and it’s pretty difficult to stand out in the crowd of such an army of app and game makers. Especially now, after Apple revealed their first ever revenue fall for 13 years, investors will be observing very closely during WWDC 2016 for signs of how can the Apple developer community stand out from a more competitive environment of Android’s app market. This, in fact, determines wether the revenue fall is caused by economics or by the company’s inability to provide for consumers without Steve Jobs.

Live Musical Performance

No matter how the Apple WWDC 2016 goes, no matter if my predictions are right, and no matter if Apple proves it’s the main driver of the consumer electronics industry, it has to host a nice live musical performance for everyones pleasure.






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