Best MSQRD videos of Zanzebek

I forgot how much I liked the MSQRD app. When I just found out about the app and downloaded it I didn’t know it would become so popular. I doing my own thing, minding my own business and then BAM! MSQRD became I really big hit. Here’s my long-forgotten and very brief collection of best MSQRD videos that I made.

Snoop Dogg Ukulele Session for the sake of best MSQRD videos

Видео опубликовано Z Δ N Z Ξ Β Ξ K (@zanzebek)

Iron Man must be thirsty all the time

Видео опубликовано Z Δ N Z Ξ Β Ξ K (@zanzebek)

That moment when you finally got it right

Видео опубликовано Z Δ N Z Ξ Β Ξ K (@zanzebek)

Where were these videos the whole time?

All of these videos, as you may probably have noticed, are from my Instagram page. Follow me and let’s masquerade around!
best msqrd videos from Zanzebek Blog

Download MSQRD App for iOS

If you haven’t tried the app yet, you can download MSQRD on App Store now via this link.






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