Lightsaber Escape: Star Wars game – iPhone controlled

Google Chrome launched their Star Wars experimental game – Lightsaber Escape. All you need is enter this website from a computer (using Chrome browser) and your iPhone at the same time. Here’s an official trailer of some sort:

It’s pretty difficult and rare nowadays to play a Star Wars game and feel at least a little like a true jedi. Guess what? This browser powered video game has achieved something incredible in spite of it’s simplicity.

Rules of Lightsaber Escape

The game rules are simple – defend the attacks of stormtroopers. Maybe in fact more than just stormtroopers, I don’t know for sure, because I haven’t completed the game (yet).

When you enter the website from Chrome, you’ll be given a link to enter from your smart phone. Once you have both set up correctly, the screen will tell you what to do.

lightsaber escape video game website zanzebek blog

Although the controls are pretty basic, you’ll be given a lesson on how to defend the attacks of stormtroopers.

lightsaber escape use iphone and chrome browser zanzebek video games

Your character can be killed, so be careful. However, you are given another chance to literally ‘Rise and Shine’ every time it happens. Once you press Play Again, you will start where you left off.

lightsaber escape online video game

For a better experience

Don’t forget to turn the volume up on both the computer and the lightsaber… I mean smartphone that you’ll be using during the game.


At the bottom of the page there is a warning to keep in mind: “If you had or could be prone to seizures, consult a doctor before starting this experience”. Think of it not only for yourself, but also when you want to show the game to your friends or family. You never know, so be careful.

Minimum Requirements

  • Computer (Mac/PC)
  • Chrome browser (Mac/PC) – click here to download and install
  • Smartphone (iOS/Android)
  • Good internet connection (slow internet might cause lags) – you can reduce image quality at the bottom of the site if your internet is a bit slow, though better experience is not guaranteed
  • Good sound (from a Mac/PC and from your smartphone)

If you’re ready Click here to play the game now

That’s it, enjoy your lightsaber and enjoy your escape. May the force be with you!

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