Do you have any idea what you’ve done?

Hey guys!You’re probably reading the #2015BestNine blog post. That’s the reason this blog’s traffic is currently exploding and my face expression right now is this: 

But I just wanted to say that this moment – this is how happiness looks (or feels) like. I’ll explain why…

First of all, after all the hard work and sleepless nights my baby-blog is finally getting close to finding all of it’s lovely readers.

Secondly, while I’m writing this post on my iPhone Notes app, I hear my parents watching “The Intern” movie right behind the wall my bed is located next to. They are laughing so hard, I haven’t seen this in a loooong while. Divorces never go well, you know…

So yeah. You guys are a big part of my little moment of happiness. I believe this is the first time I notice/realize I’m having this feeling.

See you guys in my next posts! 🙃






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