Make Best of 2015 Instagram Post with 2015 Best Nine

Every year some cool service pops out with your Instagram profile summary of the year. In 2015 this is #2015BestNine. 2015 Best Nine site will let you enter your username and grab the result picture. You can also do this for you friends. Basically you type any username (hmm, I bet I’ll have a go at this a few more times).

Never mind your internet speed, once you type the username it will take a while for the picture to assemble and load up in your screen. Be patient for your Instagram profile’s sake.

I must warn you that it will display you a picture of your nine best posts with your profile description right in the pic. You can either download this, or choose “Picture only version” right below the picture (or both of course).

Also expect a few ads here and there when you’ll try to type in your username.

My 2015 Best Nine (#2015BestNine)

Zanzebek #2015BestNine 2015 best nine for instagram

Interestingly, it had also captured snippets of my video posts. I didn’t really expect that.

Based on this pic I can deduct that my followers like my selfies more than I expected, they like when I take pictures of me going out, working in front of a laptop, pictures of my friends, and a skull (löl).

Beyonce’s 2015 Best Nine

beyonce #2015bestnine 2015 best nine instagrams

CHIARA FERRAGNI‘s Best of 2015

chiaraferragni best posts of the year

Instagram’s 2015 Best Nine Instagrams

instagram's most popular posts of 2015

Nevertheless, click here to make your own #2015BestNine picture.

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