Apple’s New Headquarters – A Giant Home Button

Apple’s New headquarters building is said to strive to depict the home button of an iPhone. This giant home button for the Earth. Can humanity leave it’s fingerprint to Unlock the screen of Earth? That’s a tough metaphor to handle.

Apple inc New Headquarter Circle Cupertino - Zanzebek Blog

This incredible and yet minimalistic colosseum of the tech age has been designed by Norman Foster, a British architect…

Apple inc New Headquarter Circle Cupertino - Ted Mosby Architect - Zanzebek Blog

…and Steve Jobs, who were behind the birth of the project.

The whole thing required around $5 billion, and it might be the most expensive corporate headquarters up to date.

Apple inc New Headquarter Circle Cupertino - Ted Mosby Architect 2 - Zanzebek Blog

Steve Jobs presenting Apple’s New Headquarters project to Cupertino city council

Back in 2011 (June 7) Steve Jobs stood in front of the Cupertino City Council and presented the new headquarter building concept.

In short, this is how big Apple’s next HQ will be:
Apple inc New Headquarter Circle Cupertino - City Council Presentation - Zanzebek Blog

What’s next?

Tech companies of Silicon Valley are like kids who grow up and leave home to live on their own. I believe though that unlike most grown-ups, this kid grows up to be a good and responsible adult who can benefit the society they live in.

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