How I Fight Burning Out

It’s been few months since I realised I’m feeling burnt out. After my own therapy against it. How I fight burning out? Here’s what I jotted down for everyone in the same state.

Euphoria of any size will do

Euphoria of any size will do - Zanzebek Blog

Achieve something small, complete some little task the is very simple and quick to do. Repeat a few times and relax.

Give your dreams something to breathe

Give your dreams something to breathe - Zanzebek Blog

Find new music. Spotify and Apple Music are very good at providing playlists for any mood you have any time.

Shopping Therapy to fight burning out

Shopping against burnout - Zanzebek Blog

Buy something you wanted a lot, but have been backing yourself to keep wallet in balance. Do that purchase and increased your happiness index by at least a little bit.

Feeling Depresso?

Coffee to the resque - Happy Reaction - Zanzebek Blog

I Like coffee. so go to Starbucks (or any of your favourite coffee shops) and order that large cup of coffee and some muffin.

Netflix and Real-Chill

Netflix and real chill - No Burnout - Zanzebek

Watch a movie. I love how the “Intern” with Robert De Niro and Ann Hathaway inspires me over the time I watch it.

Your brain might be starving – give it some food

Read books to fight burning out - Zanzebek Blog

Re-read your favourite old book or read a new book. For such cases I have my list of books i want to read. Sometimes I like reading “The Little Prince” or “The Catcher in the Rye” again and again on my tough days. Other than books, reading one of your favourite bloggers (Me? :)) will do too. Better, find a new blogger to read and follow.

Want to go back to leading? Go back to learning to follow

It always helps me just to find out about someone way more experienced and learn that they used to be just like you.

Fight Burning Out with Harry Potter
“Every great wizard in history started out as nothing more than what we are now, students. If they can do it, why not us?”

Positive adrenaline

Fight burning out - Positive Adrenaline - Zanzebek Blog

Having more adrenaline in your blood and imprinting unforgettable images to your brain will definitely trip that burnout once and for all. I suggest going bungee jumping. I suppose you’ve never done it (neither have I). Cause otherwise why would we ever feel burnt out?! If that’s too much for you for now, try this simple proven solution: running. Scientist proved it long ago that when you run your body pumps hormones that make you happier. Humans were made to run, give your body a present it will love so it can fight burning out.

However, one fundamental idea to remember during burnout is to stop whatever you were doing that led to burnout. Stop and do nothing. Rest – not you, but your body. Breathe fresh air and relax. Then start your journey back to recovery.

PS: One little thing to keep in mind. This post is for fighting burnout only. I realise it can consist of a few things from your daily routine. But I hope not all of them. So don’t overdo this. Save it for days like that. Otherwise it may not help at all.

Oh, and if you ever feel burnout – drop me a message online (be it Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or any other social network)






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