Speak Valyrian Like Denny

There’s something special about High Valyrian than other languages of the Game of Thrones world. I just found this infographic that teaches you to speak Valyrian on a basic level. I think t’ll be fun to joke around (if learned successfully), the Game-of-Thrones way. Some of the phrases are pretty easy to learn and pronounce, whilst others are something to practice on. I must warn you though – there might be a little spoiler if you interpret it the right way.

Learn with this infographic

How to speak Valyrian like Daenerys Targaryen

I want more Valyrian

Soon as I found this infographic I immediately started to think about learning High Valerian like the proper language one would learn to travel the country where they speak Valerian. Of course we all want to learn exactly the High Valerian, cause it’s pure and Denny speaks it. Turns out there a lots of material online to do that with ease.

Good Way to Learn to Speak Valyrian

This source teaches you valyrian the old school way – Wiki. It’s well structured and you can bookmark pages in case you want to switch from Valyrian to, say, Dothraki.

Fun Way to learn to Speak Valyrian

But the most fun way to learn Valyrian I found is this:

You can find more tutorials (on other GoT languages) from the same series here on this video’s Youtube Channel

Other Youtube Channels to learn Valerian: @LearnDothraki and @DamienHalme

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Do you already speak Valyrian?

Leave something in the comments! Let’s see who know Valerian better.

PS: Vezy las kreny au tatagho. Valyrio muno engos nuhys issa.






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