Solution: Revive Not Charging 5 Second Red Light iPod Shuffle

Solution: Revive Not Charging 5 Second Red Light iPod Shuffle

Solution: Revive Not Charging 5 Second Red Light iPod Shuffle 150 150 ZANZEBEK BLOG

It’s been almost a year since I couldn’t use my iPod Shuffle. One day it just stopped responding. When I used to desperately plug it in to a socket it gave me a 5 second red light and back to nothing. My Macbook Air didn’t recognize the connection, so it didn’t appear in iTunes. BUT NOW – I found the solution on forums!

Zanzebek Blog. iPod Shuffle No Charge 5 Second Red Light Revival Guide

Here are simple steps to revive iPod Shuffle:
1. Plug iPod Shuffle to a socket
2. Wait for the 5 Second Red Light to turn off
3. Unplug and Plug Back the iPod to the socket
4. Repeat until the Red Light stays ON
* took me around 20 minutes
** wall socket is preferable (I started with wall plug, then Mac)

Here’s why you should repeat the above:

Here’s a little technical background behind this process. When the device is not being used for a while, especially if it is not charged, the battery voltage falls below a certain threshold becoming insufficient to start the microprocessor any more. However, the processor is necessary to start the charging process, and the device gets into the deadlock. Basically, when you plug it in, it’s being charged for only 5 seconds while the red light is on. When you constantly plug it in and out you manually charge the battery in 5-second increments until it’s voltage is high enough to start the processor.

Source: StackExchange

I’ve been looking for this answer and an explanation for more than a year now. Thank you, the guy who wrote this in the Apple forums!

Please, share this post with everyone who has this issue, even with those who have new iPod Shuffle’s, because they WILL face this problem in a year long time.

I’m now happily listening to my favourite playlists wherever I go, not worrying that the battery will die unexpectedly.

UPDATE: It’s year 2017, and it could be that your iPod shuffle is just very very old. Alright, I know that is NOT a solution per se, but you know, there are NO tech on the market that would work forever. So if you think it’s time to retire the iPod shuffle, but you love it so much, I’d suggest you buy a new one. There’s a 6th generation iPod Shuffle that you can buy and have it delivered by tomorrow. Click here to buy it now from Amazon and move on with your life :)

  • Hey. I had the same problem and with your help I turn on my shuffle. :) My another problem is that red light stays on when connected to USB. Did you have the same problem? How long did you have to wait until red light changed into orange?

    • Hey! It’s very difficult to do that, but doable! I left it for the whole day and forgot about it. After reviving it tho I stopped using and it died again :( Too tired of bringing it back to life. I’d recommend to take it to the Apple Store to let them do the professional Shuffle surgery ;)

    • Nice I think its working It seemed like the red light got brighter and stayed on for more than 5 seconds it has been on for over a minute now cant wait to listen too the music I have on it.

  • Hey hi bro
    Ur guide helped me atleast to get some hope.
    I got the solid red light in few tries and now its still glowing red after so many hours . How much time it will take ? I really need this. Plz help me.

    • Hey bro! I think I left it charging for the whole day and night. But I stopped using it again, and now the same problem occurred which I’m too tired of doing. :(

  • Thanks this help me a lot.

  • I have the same problem and using a battery bank, I used your method. I’ve been doing this for about six-eight hours and it’s still not fully charged.
    How will I know that it’s done charging? Will the green light come on or something?

    • the green light should come up eventually. However, I believe if your Shuffle is completely dead and it can’t hold the charge it may never charge. Even in little doses. That’s what happened to my shuffle after I stopped charging it again. :(

  • the red light stays for long it isn’t charging :-(

  • Worked for me, took about 10 minutes of plugging in and back out till the solid red light showed and it started charging

  • dont work for me =/

  • 5 shades of everything December 25, 2015 at 5:00 am

    Thank you zanzebek for your advice which has given my iPod a solid red light. My question HOW DO U NOE WHEN IT IS FULLY CHARGED BECAUSE IT HAS BEEN charging FOR 3 DAYS NOW. But still thank you for giving me some hope.

    • Hi! I realize your frustration as I’ve been there too. The only problem is shuffle’s battery. Assuming everything else works fine, then it should show you a Green light once it’s charged. However, having this battery issue means that we may never see the green light (full charge). I suppose if it has been charging for three days and still nothing, then don’t waste your energy. Move on my friend
      Shuffle’s max charging time is 2 hours.

      I hope I’m helping at least a little here. I’ve never took it to the Apple Store guys, so maybe they can fix it much faster. I heard of a guy from China who even has been given a whole new shuffle in exchange of his old one. So never stop trying new ideas

  • Thanks dude……
    Use a high power charger….
    For me, with a low power one took around an hour or more of unplugging and replugging to achieve red light……
    So dont lose hope… It works….. Thanks again

  • Thanks for posting this. I have been trying for a couple days with no luck. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • i am going to ttry

  • What did you do?? I just bought one yesterday and its doing this

    • Whaaat? OMG! Take it back with the receipt! It’s totally not good for the first day…. Mine had it doing after a year. Probably it’s been laying idle for way too long and it lost all its factory charge. Did u buy it from the Apple Store?

  • It works for my one and taking me about 20 minutes. Thank you a lot dude!

  • It helps… I don’t beleave! Thank you (It was exactly 20 minutes :))

    • Hi Martina! I’m so happy this post still helps people from all around the world! Thank you for your comment, I’ve read it the day you wrote it and it made my day! I hope your iPod keeps working and never breaks, at least until you have a new one :)

  • Hey i’ve got the same problem, my shuffle connected to itunes and has been sync too
    But it won’t turn on!!
    The light blank doesn’t turn red or orange or green, but when i connect it to itunes the light is beeping orange
    Anyone can help?

    • Hi Bhisma! This seems to be some sort of a different issue. Have you tried updating the OS through iTunes? Would it even connect?

  • U star, this happened to me, thankfully it only took 5-6 of unplugging! thank you so much for posting this.

  • I was ready to toss my shuffle but is is waterproofed for swimming, so I gave it a shot. I thought, if this is fake, then at least I gave it one last go. It WORKED. Thank you!!

    • I’m glad it helps! No fakes here, I’m always on guard :)

      • Hi,

        I also thought my iPod Shuffle 4G was bricked, last time I used it was almost two years ago. My iPod’s resuscitation process took a while longer as after the 5 second recharge increment stage, the iPod started giving signs of life but wouldn’t hold a charge for more than a few minutes and would not be recognized my iTunes or be listed in the peripherals connected to my Mac via USB.
        I left the iPod to charge on the wall socket overnight and in the morning it held charge much longer, but I was still unable to access it via iTunes. It was back to a usable state which was quite a good result. Next, I did a few use-recharge cycles until the green light finally came on during charging. At that stage, the iPod became once again accessible via iTunes, problem solved 100%!
        So don’t give up on your iPod even thought it hasn’t been used in a very long time…it takes a little effort but it’s well worth it!

        • Wow! You hold some good amount of patience to do that :) I’m very happy to read this! I believe your comment adds a real value to those who still struggle with their Shuffle. Thanks for sharing your story, bro!

  • Your solution really helped me thanks a lot. :)
    it took me around 10 min only

    • Thanks for your comment! It’s so exciting to see how many people are solving iPod Shuffle issues with this blogpost

  • Just tried this for my shuffle that would not charge or turn on. After unplugging and plugging it back in for 5 minutes, a brighter red light came on and now it is charging! Thank you!!!

  • It worked! I tried the plugging and unplugging process for 5 minutes and it’s now charging. Thank you! I’m so happy :)

    • Wow! I’m so happy that this post is still relevant today and keeps helping you guys. Thanks for the comment, and enjoy your Shuffle

  • I LOVE YOU!!!

    You saved my Stainless Steel 3rd gen shuffle!

    LOVE YOU!!!

  • Hey, I am having this issue (not charging, blinking red for 5 seconds and shutting back off, not being recognized by itunes) but I have used mine everyday for months, and 2 days ago it randomly did this. I don’t understand, I never left it uncharged for a long time???

    • That’s weird. Have you been using the original Apple wall socket charger? You know sometimes power banks can do long term damage to your batter or smth like that‍♂️

  • It works! Thank you very much, bro.

  • I can make my shuffle’s red light brighter and not going off, does it charge now? and how long do i have to wait for it to charge?

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