Apps: Why You Should Get Blogo for Mac

Blogo App for MacIt’s the second post of the Competition Series with my friend and I want to share with you the experience I receive from using Blogo for OS X.

Before I get to the review I have to say, I don’t like writing reviews, mostly because I’m not good at it. So if you don;t like it, don’t worry – it might be the last one.

Long time it took for me to download the app.

First of all it’s a little pricey. No matter how good is the app, I don’t want to spend money on it, let’s agree we all think this way. But it makes sense for me to invest into software if it brings returns in any form.

Second of all, I can’t know if it will pay me back with great user experience. Lucky for me I tend to waste money on apps.

Before I began using Blogo for Mac I used to write everything down to the Apple’s Pages app. It was good, everything was sorted and always there for me, thank to iCloud. However, a blogger needs MORE.

Blogo allows to access your posts and drafts any time. As you create your post you can always sync the updates directly with WordPress or Evernote.

The app is very flexible in terms of what it can do. For example, you can add images just by drag n drop from Finder. Moreover, syncing feature makes sure the images are synced too.

Everything blog post idea I had is right there in the app and I can instantly enrich the post once I have something more to add.

Within the app there comes a widget (add-on) for Safari (and Chrome/Firefox) which let’s you save almost anything you browse on the internet to Blogo as a new post/draft.

Other options include:

  • Schedule Posts
  • Live Preview
  • Direct Publish
  • Manage & Get Notified About Comments
  • Featured Image
  • Image Editing
  • Add as many blogs as you wish
  • Format Text
  • Insert Links
  • Add Categories & Tags
  • Today Widget (For OS X Yosemite Users)

When I purchased Blogo it was selling at $14.99. It was Mac App Store promotion time that I coincidentally didn’t know of, and I didn’t realize it until I installed the app.

PS: The process of blogging became much easier and faster with Blogo. Although it might be due to the deal I made with my friend.







What do you think of Blogo? Share your experience with fellow bloggers in the comments below.






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