How to Motivate Myself To Blog More?

Zanzebek. I blog for coffee

Interesting thing happened to me yesterday. I met my friend who started blogging a month ago. After discussing our lives we decided to make a slight competition between each other.

The goal is to post daily, more precisely – to post 30 posts per month.

To make sure we don’t end up with procrastinated broke asses we made up a penalty: for every time I miss a post I have to buy a coffee to her (works both ways).

I think it’s a great idea, especially knowing that we both don’t hate coffee.

I hope someday someone asks me how I achieved success with my blog and I can pull off something like «I did this for coffee» as a joke, but my readers will know that every joke has 10% of truth.

My point is that if you tried to motivate the shit out of yourself to blog more and nothing helps – this is my solution for you. Text your friend, suggest a competition (with penalties). Assuming you both want to achieve certain goals at things you do, be it studying, working out or anything else. Try it out and tell me how it goes. I’d love to hear some feedback!

So here’s my first post of the deal and I have 29 more until 28th of February.

What do you think of our new deal? Do you think it’ll be helpful at all? Have you tried anything similar? Share your thoughts in the comments!







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