Why Tesla Motors could be the next Apple of car industry?

Tesla car at TED. Click for Original Source

Image Source: FlickR

Before Steve Jobs passed away I used to foretell my friends that Apple will make cars as awesome as iPhone. In a way they may have started the process.

According to this Bloomberg report  Tesla Motors are looking for employees with similar requirements as of Apple’s.

150 former Apple employees are now working at Tesla, who strongly believe in their leader, Elon Musk, the CEO and co-founder of the carmaker.

“Employees who have worked at Apple say their decision to join Tesla was based on its cars and its CEO. Musk has a reputation, like Steve Jobs did, for a mercurial temper and an obsessive attention to detail.”

Hiring Apple’s designers, lawyers, engineers and a vice president could mean bringing a certain level of craze for Tesla’s cars among consumers.

Here I am, trying to foretell things again. This time I’d say that driving a car will have never been as easy (beautiful, incredible, magical, wonderful, amazing, good and revolutionary) as in the near future.

Original report source: Bloomberg Business






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