Opinion: Why Apple wants iPad Pro and MacBook Air same sizes?

Zanzebek Blog. iPad Pro And Macbook Air 12'We are living in a world that’s changing too quickly and no one is certain about the future, even Apple Inc.

Some say, that the upcoming iPad Pro is too much, others that it couldn’t come more on time than now. What was wrong with 13 inch? Why not just stuff it with more battery life. I think Apple is trying to see to which direction the tech market is going.

Will consumers switch to tablets, is it the end of personal computers and laptops? It seems like that’s the point of the whole iPad Pro and 12 inch MacBook Air development (other than producing more powerful tools for consumers) – to answer these questions, to spot the market indicators.

If more iPad Pro’s will be bought than Macbok Airs or if the numbers come close to each other, then it’s a definite sign that we might not need laptops any more.

Have you noticed that Apple did the same with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus memory? There are 16Gb, 64Gb and 128Gb, but there is no 32Gb that many of us got used to. Here they tackle the question of «where the personal storage is moving to: Cloud or Hard memory?» Truly, that was a briliant tactics.

I, personally, decided to try living off cloud the moment is saw the iPhone 6 Plus keynote.

I think it’s not the time yet for working purely off the tablets. But we (actually Apple) will see whether it’s true or not.

The answer to thhis question will be found mostly with the help of enterprises. Hospitals (with introduction of HealthKit), taxi companies (Uber?), schools & universities (students may agree that iPad is a Godsend), sportsmen, businesses – all benefit from new technology.

But how are we, the consumers, will react? What do you think, will it be easier for you to use an iPad Pro or the all new Macbook Air? No matter where are you involved in right now, your purchase, in a way, determines the future of technology.

Now that’s my personal opinion, but I’d like to hear out your thoughts on this one. See you in the comments!







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