8 Features You Should Look For In Any Tech Device You Buy This Decade.

Chances are that you’ll purchase another tech device in the next few months pretty high. 3 Apple Events per year alone is enough. But there are millions of other cool stuff made every day. To know what to choose and what to avoid follow these simple steps below.

1. Long-lasting Battery
It’s can get pretty frustrating looking for a wall charger everywhere you go. You may find yourself later on sucked into the wallplug all the time. Make sure you choose a device with a good battery capacity (taking into consideration how much power does the device consume).

2. Mobile / Light-weight
Weight and mobility is critical. Make sure it’s light, but at the same time difficult to break.

3. Wireless
If your newly bought tech device doesn’t conect to your iPhone or Macbook, it’s boring and most probably inefficient. Less wires – more convenience.

4. Button-less (Touch-responsive)
The more it takes advantage of Touch technology, the more convenient it is. But beware, touch-technology exists for a long time now, but only until recently has it been used properly.

5. Connects to Other Existing Tech via (Preferably) Bluetooth (or WiFi)
Being Wireless and being interconneted with the world is slightly different things. My helicopter toy is wireless, but it works from it’s own controller. This helicopter toy would be cooler if it could connect without wires or special adapters to my iPhone, to a wireless battery charger that I would then buy, to the TV or Macbook so I could show a live picture on a screen, etc.

6. Records / Creates / Stores some sort of media (photo/video/audio)
Even if it’s not a camera or an audio recorder that you’re thinking of purchasing, always look for such extras as being able to record a video, take pictures, record audio or even making music.

7. Eco-friendly, as recyclable as possible for the timebeing
I know it doesn’t affect coolness of the device in a direct obvious way, but we all should think of the environment when choosing between products.

8. Smart User-Friendly Design
For many decades designing a product was a last stage to think of. But nowadays, most successful companies with most useful products think of design simultaneously with other features. We all had smartphones long before an iPhone, but it’s the iPhone we use after all. Notebooks exist for ages, but it’s Moleskine that’s most convenient to use.

Do you think of other things before bying tech devices? Please, share with me in the comments, I’d love to read it.







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