Pro Instagrammer: 10 Signs You Are Ready To Become One

These days almost anyone can become an instagrammer, but whether to become a Pro Instagrammer depends solely on each one’s effort. Just as it is in life.

Here are 10 bulletpoints that serve as a sign you are ready to be a Pro Instagrammer:

1. You create original posts with ease

It is incredibly easy to create instagram posts for you. You just take a picture of the stuff in your life. It’s just that you live a very interesting life. This feature alone is enough to contribute to the Instagram community

2. You get new followers naturally, every day

You don’t know how and you’re not sure why, but they do notice your instagram profile and keep following you. This can tell that people enjoy your posts, and they even tell you that in the comments. Make sure to reply with gratitude.

3. More than 10% of your followers Like your posts

If more than 10% of your followers tend to like your every post on average, it means you have a very commited audience. Don’t upset them – they Like you very much and they want their followers to know about you.

4. You have managed to post photographs and videos regularly

This is difficult for anyone, so if you are good at posting once a day or, say, once every two days then you are walking on a steady growth lane.

5. You are commited to you followers like a Pro Instagrammer.

If your followers leave nice comments under your posts, and believe me, even if they leave unpleasant comments, they are commited to your profile – they are one way or another influenced by your post. Make sure to answer to nice comments, ignore rude ones and keep expressing yourself.

6. You don’t regret buying expensive App Store apps, just for the sake of beauty of your photo and video collection.

This one is about me. Every time I have money on my debit card – I spend 5-10% on apps. For some people it sounds dumb, but for others it’s finding new tools to create something BIG and NEW. We appreciate the work developers on the other side of App Store do, and we’ll gladly pay for a few-dollar apps to spur the creative flow. Don’t overdo it tho!

Check out my list 15 best of apps for frequent instagrammers.

7. You take LOTS of photographs and/or videos

Sometimes some of the photos and videos make their way to the insta. If you keep creating new photos and videos this is a definite sign you’ll make something very beautiful and creative that others won’t be able to, because it takes an incredible amount of developing your skill through experience to achieve something great.

8. You spotted a few popular instagrammers in your followers list

If someone with large following on instagram decided to follow you, it’s a definite sign to go the Pro Instagrammer way.

9. You have a strong willingness to share with the world and make (even the slightest) change with the help of your posts

You don’t know how and why, but you just HAVE to share, you really want the world to see the result of your work, even if it seems as a simple drawing. 

10. You GET the untold and unwritten Instagram etiquette by just being You.

Interestingly, the more followers one get, the more they Get the Instagram etiquette. It’s about answering some comments, it’s about liking something that really deserves a like, and following someone who really deserves attention and interests you.

PS: if this describes you – leave your instagram nickname in the comments so that I can follow Your Awesomeness.






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