Taylor Swift’s Apple Music Ad broke the internet

Taylor Swift’s Apple Music Ad has just been posted as One Minute video on her Instagram on the 1st of April, and it’s hilarious! It currently has 1 million likes and God knows how many views (7 hours from being posted on Instagram). The video shows Taylor about to do cardio she hates, but willing to do it with Apple Music’s activity playlist for running. The song of her choice is ‘Drake ft Future – Jumpman’. Watch what happens next!

Taylor Swift’s Apple Music Ad Video on Instagram

Видео опубликовано Taylor Swift (@taylorswift)

Wait. Did you say One minute Instagram video?!

This is the first time I see a one minute long video on Instagram. As you may probably know Instagram allows only 15 seconds for videos, and they recently announced the video length to be increased to one minute. Maybe it’s coming to masses much earlier than previously thought.

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