New MacBook Pro Video Summary – Apple Event 2016

I’ve just watched the whole live Apple October Event for the new MacBook Pro, and this is the only thing I want now. Here’s a brief a new MacBook Pro video summary:

MacBook Pro Video Summary

Quick Overview

Apple arranged a second event this October, after presenting the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus on October 7th. The main topic of this event was a whole new MacBook Pro and the new Apple TV app.

Hero of the day was, and still is, as it was rumoured, the introduction of Touch Bar. It’s a retina display on the keyboard that replaces the top function keys of the MacBook Pro keyboard.

This summarised the Apple’s plans to finish up their entire brand new product line for the holidays of 2016. This year also marks a 25th anniversary of Apple’s laptop business. See the entire keynote on Apple’s official website.

Additional videos from the Apple MacBook Pro Event

Macbook Pro – Reveal Video

A celebration of the MacBook’s 25th anniversary

So much to touch

Most advance and powerful notebook ever created

MacBook Pro Ad “QWERTY”

This was made to make you want to buy the new MacBook Pro. Successfully.

What do you think? I must stress that the performance is the new market standard for such a small computer.






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