Weekend with Dina – A trip to the Big Almaty Lake

People at the office, where me and Dina used to work together (and that is also how we met) last year, used to describe her as a “Sunny Person”. Like the sunshine, she’s the main reason that makes any party even better. Most of the time the camera isn’t pointing at her directly, but she’s the major reason we’ve all got together and went on this mountain trip. Watch this video I made about our trip to the Big Almaty Lake that’s located high in between the mountains of the city of Almaty…

VLOG: A Trip to The Big Almaty Lake

THANK YOU for watching and I hope you liked this video. Btw, do you think my videos lack anything? Visit my YouTube channel and come on! It’s 2016 – comment here, there or Instagram! You know I’ll see it anyways 🙂






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