Dr. Zuck gets political – Mark Zuckerberg Harvard Commencement Speech

This speech is going to be compared to Steve Jobs’ Stanford commencement speech a lot. But Steve never was about politics. Mark on the other hand, famous for wearing his hoodie-jeans-‘n-t-shirt package, was very formal with his suit’n’tie. Did Mark Zuckerberg Harvard commencement speech just granted him a ticket to presidential election of the United States of America?

Watch Mark Zuckerberg Harvard Commencement Speech in Full

The impact of Mark’s Speech of 2017

In short, Mark knows his purpose, now he wants You to find your purpose. He criticizes current political and economic system as if he’s personally going to tackle it in a few years. It would be great tho. Because when a founder of Facebook improves America, he improves the whole world.

How people react to Facebook CEO’s Harvard Speech?

Mark is trying to be a transformational leader, which he probably is already. However, the internet starts to wonder what kind of transformation Mark is going to bring.

Mark Zuckerberg Harvard Commencement Speech Reaction - Zanzebek LIFE

And if you don’t see how many likes (aka ‘Agree’ signs) these comments are getting, here’s a zoomed image:

2 Mark Zuckerberg Harvard Commencement Speech Reaction - Zanzebek LIFE.jpg

But you know what’s funny about these comments? Is that the person on the video that these people are criticizing is trying to make YOU to stand up and do something about the stuff you don’t like and make change. So go to that YouTube video and comment something better.






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