SOLUTION: GoPro Freezing Fix – How I repaired my Hero4 Silver camera

How I came to the GoPro freezing fix? Well, I bought my first ever GoPro camera a year and a half ago (in February 2016). I had saved up $400 for a new camera that I could take everywhere to film and build up my YouTube channel around it. Little did I know that it will barely work, and GoPro support would provide no help. Long story short, I fixed it and filmed the whole process. Here’s a video of my freezing GoPro fix…

Watch my GoPro freezing fix

My GoPro Epopea

So I bought my GoPro and immediately started shooting everything I saw. Most of the stuff was boring. But I was so happy I got it. As a mindful user, I was doing everything by the guide.

Once, an update notification pops in front of my MacBook Air screen. I gladly press on the Update button and wait for the camera to work even better than before.

I never saw the camera finish this update. It just froze half-way through. Annoyingly, it froze somewhere around 90%.

I did everything they write in the GoPro forums to fix this. It wasn’t enough. I contacted Support, they Copy-Pasted me the “solution” from the forum post I’ve read myself ages ago.

Months go by and I gradually forget about the camera. Sometimes, by the wave of inspiration, I come back to the whole ‘fixing Gopro’ thing, but unsuccessful.

There was even a moment I thought I did fix it forever. Of course I shot a movie about it. But if you’re familiar with the camera’s freezing problem, you know it would work for a while and then starts to freeze non-stop.

Here’s my naive video:

There’s nothing technical about the GoPro in this video. You may want to skip it.

Gave up on gopro

So I stopped using it at all. I bought an iPhone SE by a contract from my local carrier. It’s my main vlogging camera now, and I’m more than happy now.

During one of my average evenings, I was browsing the internet, and, I don’t remember how I got there exactly, but I found myself browsing In short, it’s a website for a detailed step-by-step guide to fixing tech gear, with a a shop for spare parts for the gear.

And OH YES! There were articles on fixing GoPro’s. Everything from broken lenses to switching original motherboards. They deliver to a few countries, and sure Kazakhstan is never in the lists of countries of delivery.

Luckily I had a friend traveling to London for a couple of weeks.

Add to basket > Asap Delivery > Checkout > Let my friend know > Wait for a week or so…


I have a brand new GoPro Image Sensor for Hero4 Silver. Fixed it, bro! (Or sis)

Happiness increases. GoPro hate decreases.

Now I want to let everyone with the GoPro freezing issue know about my experience, so that they (I mean YOU) can quickly overcome this silly problem that could’ve been avoided had some company did a good job controlling and supervising manufacturers in China. Here’s a link to read the GoPro freezing fix guide and/or buy the GoPro parts you need.

Enjoy your GoPro!

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