How to vlog? Here’s a dead-simple guide

I’ve learned about how to vlog relatively recently, and this one vlog lesson really works. You can see it yourself.

Now it just naturally happens that I vlog talk vlogs on Fridays, so this is one of the videos of the “Friday VLOG” series. Feel free to watch other videos in the series over at my Youtube channel.

Anyone can learn how to vlog

Everyone was in this position. Every popular Youtuber started from next to nothing. It was only a matter of focus, zeal, courage and a true willingness to succeed. If you have just decided to vlog your life, leave me a link in the comments. I’d love to check it out.

What else is in ‘Friday Vlog’?

Imagine we’re walking down the street and casually talking about random stuff. That’s what Friday VLOG is about. If you want to talk more about something else – let’s switch the topic in the comments!

Links mentioned in the video

Music in the video

NICOLAI HEIDLAS – Sunny Holidays


Starting a vlog is an exciting and at the same time a challenging moment. It is the time when you’re not sure, you don’t know exactly what will happen. That’s why a really rely on you guys. Every comment, like and every new subscription is turnkey important!

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