[Save Money] Things to Buy on Black Friday 2016 – Zanzebek Guide

One week left until the most awaited shopping day of the year, and right up to today I didn’t know what to buy on Black Friday 2016 so that I could save money and have purchase something of good value to me. But I made a little research and here’s what I think will save you the most money this year.

Tablets and E-readers

Tablets and e-readers can’t stay for too long on the shelves, because technology advances in an unprecedented ways. Therefore you can be sure there will be deals. But make sure you buy it only if you don’t set too high expectations on your new tablet or an e-reader. Buy it only for casual reading, note taking, casual web-browsing and similar.


Although laptops are considered a Back-to-school kind of item and best deals will come before September, there’s an exception to look for. I am in a state where I need a new laptop even though I have one. I don’t need any, I want a powerful MacBook Pro. Since the announcement of the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, there’s a chance that MacBook Pro’s without the touch bar will have some kind of deals. Looking forward to it.

Also, watch out for gaming shops, because gaming computers give little sh*t about going back to school.


I mean if you don’t already have a TV or would like to update it, Black Friday is a great time.

Video Game Console: PS4, Xbox One or a VR-Set

Although PS4 and Xbox One’s are kinda thing you most probably have already, 2016 is all about Virtual Reality. However, VR sets are a little expesive these days. You may want to check them out next Friday.

Cameras and memory cards

Okay, I don’t know about you, but I’ve been wanting to do vlogging for a long time now. I’ve considered every price range for a vlogger camera. Still, I need good deal to have both the price and the quality. This might be the only day when I could buy a proper vlogging camera for the next 12 months.


Well, no matter how much we want the new wireless Apple earbuds, they aren’t going to be discounted this year. Still, look for wireless, noise cancelling, mic-included earbuds.

Drones – buy on black friday

Drones are so expensive that Black Friday is my last hope.

Home electronics: a coffee machine, that robot vacuum cleaner, a blender for energetic mornings, or another toaster.

I’d love a coffee machine. I spend way too much money on daily coffee. Probably if I hadn’t done that I wouldn’t complain about Black Friday deals.


I have to confess… I want a Pikachu plush toy, a poke ball, and a storm trooper mask for my next halloween.

Accessories that you don’t usually buy

Bracelets, belts, cufflinks, etc.

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