40 Different Blogpost Angles


Not too long ago I found an image with the list of these different blogpost angles made by someone I can’t find. This list is a goldmine. Here’s my introductory explanations on every point.

The Informational Angle:

1. Provide a Definition
To suggest a few, try giving definitions to new #Hashtags on different social networks. When I was just starting out, it wasn’t so straight forward to me that #FF means ‘Follow Friday’. Thanks to a few bloggers I found out right after I googled the hashtag.

2. Make Lists
Sites like Buzzfeed and Distractify are good at making lists, just keep it cool and don’t make yourself look like a click hole… Try to avoid topics like «10 Reasons Poeple Can’t Fly» or similar. I’d love to read something useful to me or my family and friends.

3. Provide To-Do’s
Things like «Things To-do When you are bored» or «Things to do before setting up a blog» are written a lot about and require a certain level of expertise. However, if you feel like you have something different to tell – make the blogpost.

4. Write a How-To
If you know how to do someting better than anyone else then give it a shot. At least people who comment will let you kjnow if you’ve helped or if someone can do it better.

5. Give Beginner Tips
People like to try new things everyday. You are there to let them know how to start in a right way. Do you remember these few problems with blogging that you faced when decided to blog? Let people know, so they can save time.

6. Give an Instructional Lesson
This is similar to beginner tips, although it requires you to explain things step-by-step. Most suitable topics here are «Installing WordPress plugins: A Step-by-Step guide» or «How to Make Origami: Instructional Lesson». Just think of something you know a lot about.

7. Provide Cheats
Let’s say you’re good at math or tests in general. If one is really good at math, he/she knows a few tricks on how to solve excercises faster than others. Things like that are very interesting to read, when in need. If not math, try blogging, shooting a video, dancing, drawing, etc.

8. Explain How To
Nothing difficult: just describe a problem that exists and explain how to solve it. Simple as that. Make sure you are speaking your voice.

9. Provide Tutorials
Try writing tutorials if you really are good at something you want to write about. Otherwise keep it short and support with facts.

10. Publish A Resource of Links
Providing useful links in one blogpost is found very useful by many. Sometimes I lose my bookmarks. I mean, there just too many bookmarks and the bookmarks list is messy, unsorted. Having niche links under one blogpost topic is a great idea. Plus you blog will get a few more points to rank higher in searches.

11. Make A Checklist
Out of the checklist blogposts I found useful ther’s one I come back to from time to time. I think the article was something like «Blogpost Checklist». There’s lots of things a blogger has to do before posting an article, it’s hard to remember all of it. Checklists help out a lot.

12. Do a Profile or Bio
Write an About Me page first. Make it as a mix of useful, entertaining and personal information. Then try writing about other people once in a while. People like Steve Jobs or Einstein are all-time favourites. If you can go beyond that – great!

13. Interview Someone
If you blog about fashion – try contacting local fashion bloggers, models, model agencies or any fashion related people and try asking them for an interview. If you blog about business and entrepreneurship, try finding local entrepreneurs and interview them. Find someone who has a certain level of expertise and known for achieving something in your field of interest. I suppose finding isn’t so difficult, it’s making them answer your questions and asking the right questinos.

14. Provide Free Resources
Do you know sources for copyright-free images or a website with all possible song lyrics? Share all of them in one post. If it’s really useful to your niche it will be shared and read all over the internet.

15. Publish Important News
If something big has happened worldwide – tell your readers. For fashion bloggers it’s usually about Fashion Weeks (New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week are the biggest). Try attending your city fashion week or the closest one to you, even if you’re not a fashion blogger specifically.

16. Publish Research Results
It may not be your own research. If you find an interesting research published online – tell about it to your audience. Make sure it’s a relevant research. Obviously, don’t tell your fashion blog audience about, say, latest mosquito researches in Japan.

17. Write A Review
It’s pretty easy to decide to write a review, but, as long as I know, if you want to write a review, you should do it well or don’t do at all. Try reading a few good ones and see how it’s done. Then try yourself. The way I do it is I just type all sort of random things about something so that I have at least something. After that I fix the mess, structure ideas and eliminate wrong stuff.

18. Summarize Reports
If you have some interesting data that could be translated into language – grab the opportunity. Explain to us what it means, preferrably in an easy to understand, interesting way.

19. Publish a Case Study
You can also give us an in-depth analysis of some event. As I’m writing this article I know there’s Coachella 2015 going on somewhere in the US, I’d love to see all of the important images and videos, and I’d enjoy reading about what happened over there. This is just an example, there are endless opportunities for every blogger out there.

20. Publish a Series
When blogging in the informationa lage, you have to provide unique content; and what’s more unique than You? Try writing several articles about yourself. It can be as sincere as you want. Making it a series of articles will make readers like me return to your blog and want more.

21. Do A Roundups pf Influential People or Things
I like articles like «20 Books That Bill Gates Read As A Teenager» or «10 Habits of Steve Jobs» if there’s such, I don’t know. I don’t look for such articles, but if I see – I have to read it or save for later.

22. Provide the Ultimate Overview
Let’s say you blog about Apple devices. Then your most important type of articles is something like «Complete Overview of iOS 8 Hidden Features» or «Complete List Of Next iPhone 7 Design Features and Tech Specs».

23. Write an Analysis of Report or an Event
These are the most important series of blogposts for a fashion blogger who attends a Fashion Week. It’s key for a Tech Blogger to attend WWDC (Apple Developers Conference). Join an event of some sort and make sure you make records for a future blogpost.

24. Do A Guest Post
I haven’t done it yet, but it is important to network with fellow bloggers. If someone is interested in guest blogging fgor this blog Im more than happy to do that, and if someone would like for me to guestpost at their blog – let me know. Guest posting allows you to tackle another blog’s audience, if you’ll work well on your blogpost then they’ll read your blog too.

25. Update an Old Post With New Info
Not a bad idea, I could write on and on but it’s pretty obvious. Just like the iOS updates for iPhone. There are several iOS updartes per year, so you can also go back to your old post and add a few new features. make sure you let readers know that it’s an old article and that you’ve just updated a few things.

The Personal Opinion Angle:

26. Comment or Provide Your Opinion on Certain News.

27. Describe a What If Scenario
I personally enjoy thinking «what if» in my head, but I don’t think anyone would like to know about a owlrd where pidgeons can speak like parrots. However, you might have something interesting to share. So make a few drafts and show your friends first. If they approve – post it.

28. Propose a Theory
I once had a theory that few of my friends thought is real, many people liked it and others havent seen it yet. Nevertheless, those who read always say a few nice words about it.

29. Make A Prediction
The point is to give your opinion on something that will happen and possibly have a chance to discuss it with your readers and hear out their predictions.

30. Answer Why
If you know a lot about a certin topic more than others you can sure answer some important questions that bother us. You dont have to know the answer right away but you will be more auccesful finding the rifht awner than most of us. Take the opportunity.

31. Lay Down A Challenge
This can be useful if you have a certain fan base/followers base. Once you do laying down a challeng might be a good idea to bond with your audience.

32. Be Controversial
Also be careful. Even thugh being controversial brings a lot of attention, there could also be too much attention on the topic you dont want too much attention. Be careful with the extent to which you are being controversial. You might lose your audience, and moreover, you could words can be some sort of illegal.

34. Provide a Critique
So you didn’t like the latest Game of Thrones episode. Share your anger and you’ll find people who feels the same.

The Different Format Angle:

35. Publish an Infographic Version
Infographic is a big trend nowadays and you shouldnt miss this opportunity. I personall enjoy «reading» beautifully made infographics. Most big-name-companies provide useful infographics on their social profiles. Havent seen bloggers doing it yet, although I don’t read like ALL the blogs.

36. Publish an Podcast Version
Have you heard of popular Podcasters? I heard there are such people, but can’t name one off the top of my head. But it can also be a good way to provide content. You know people perceive information differently, some would like to read, others have to hear it out, and there are those who’d like to experience the whole thing to understand it (+there are those who like the logic behind the info, thus they understand)

37. Publish an Video Blog Version
By publishing Video Blogposts only you can be an online star with never ending content ideas. But if you prefer writing blogposts, a video version would be great from time to time.

38. Do a Slideshare Version of A Post
For some topics it would look nice to have a slideshare version with pictures and bulletpoints.

39. Publish a Pinterest Board
A few years ago Pinterest was fastest growing social network, hence many people rushed into it. However, you should that most of Pinterest’s users are women aged from 25 to 50. I guess if your audience is mostly men, or teenage gamers, pinterest is not the best idea.

40. Do A Tweet Stream Summary
If you browse a popular/trending Twitter hashtag you might sum tweets into one story or you can get an insight into a certain event – share it with a blog post.

PS: If you find other blogpost angles, please let me know in the comments! I’ll feature the best ones.

PPS: Bloggers are not competitors, we are a movement, a whole generation. So share with fellow-bloggers, as you know “Sharing is Caring”.






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