11 Quick Tips To Stay Productive Every Day

1. Plan Ahead

I know it’s easy to fail even this step. I usually just find a cool “To-Do” app for iOS and write every single task into the app. Right now I’m using Any.Do. The thing I like about it is that it’s simple and straight forward.

2. Wake Up Earlier Than Most Others

Again, it’s hard. But a few apps can help. To manage your sleeping and waking up patterns with Apps, check out this article.

3. Imitate Successful People

It may sound silly, but it works, because you practice a something that has already been done in comparison to the abstract «be better». You know what they say, «the one who practices is the only person who really learns».

4. Use Technology

I mean not only apps, but services like IFTTT can optimise your whole life that has even a slight connection to internet.

5. Eat Healthy Energizing Foods

The way you eat determines the way you live. If you eat foods with poor nutrition and vitamins you’ll be on your way to becoming poor. To succeed in life and stay productive you should have a work-friendly state of mind. You can just turn it on or off with coffe and sleep. It’s achievable only by constant training and recharging.

6. Work Out At Least A Little, But Every Single Day

You don’t have to be Mike Tyson or Arnold Schwarzenegger to succeed in what you do for a living, but you do have to have a healthy body to manage the outside stress and to clean your body from the stuff that shouldn’t be there.

7. Avoid Smoking and Drinking. Limit Coffee Intake

That’s pretty straight forward. So give it up until it becomes too hard to.

8. Surround Yourself with Successful People, and Make Your Friends Support You in a Helpful Way

One successful person near you is enough to stay productive, inspired and get the success vibe.

9. Limit your social media usage, unless it’s your job

You can make up different excuses and they even might sound serious and believable. But when you realize it’s a complete load of bulls**t. Although by that time it might be too late or too much to catch up on.

10. Train your brain to stay creative
Things like trying to doodle with the other hand. If you are a lefty – try doodling with your right hand, so that the other part of your brain wakes up.

11. Use different techniques to make things done (Eisenhouer Matrix)
There are tons of different productivity techniques available freely online. Just as a good example, try googlin «Eisenhouer’s Matrix» and see how 38th president of United States managed his to-do lists to stay productive.

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