I didn’t know blogging is hard by THAT much

When I just started out with this blog, I was so inspired with all those stories about successful bloggers that I didn’t see the stuff that was about to come. Turns out, blogging is hard AF.

It’s like running a newspaper company with no budget and no staff but yourself.

Everyone wants to be a successful super-rich blogger or vlogger these days, but most of them don’t notice that they’re becoming shitty ones in no time. Take Zanzebek.com as an example.

Alright we established how bad I am as of today, but how do I fix that? Any suggestions?

No, really, even if you’re just passing by and never coming back – leave a short comment and some link so I could refer back to you with my appreciations.

This blog is turning into something unacceptable, and it doesn’t represent me as who I am today. I gotta fix that!

Here’s a first step towards fixing my blog

Blogging is hard - 19 September 2007 - Zanzebek Blog - Main

I took this photo on a 19th September 2007. I have no idea why was I on the Kok-Tobe hill, because it’s a school time, and I should be doing homework despite the fact it was Friday evening. My school was kinda tough.

Anyways, I don’t remember what I felt that exact moment, but I definitely know I was like calmly looking at the city and relaxing. That’s what I always do on that spot. It doesn’t change like ever.






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