#BigOne: Facebook’s Instant Articles to 10x speed up websites’ loading time

For a long time now we’ve been suffering from the waiting for a website link on our facebook feeds to load. Now tho, Facebook released their groundbreaking solution: ‘Instant Articles’. The loading speed increased as much as 10 times.

It will be available to everyone very soon, so if you have a website or if you are a blogger, you should be aware of it as soon as possible. Right now, they’ve partnered with a few big publishers to test it out and see how it goes. However, when all the small bugs that might arise during this test period will be solved, we will be able and we should get our hands on the new big thing.

The process is promised to be pretty simple and you don’t have to have sophisticated knowledge ot HTML or any other code.

I encourage every blogger out there to stay tuned and make your websites and blogs even more Facebook-friendly.

To see what is so special about ‘Instant Articles’ check the videos and images below:
Facebook Official Promo:

National Geographic Website Pages with Instant Articles:

Zanzebek Blog. Facebook Instant Articles 1


Zanzebek Blog. Facebook Instant Articles 2


Zanzebek Blog. Facebook Instant Articles 3


Zanzebek Blog. Facebook Instant Articles 4

You can learn more on Facebook’s Instant Articles official page here.

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