4 Alarm Clock iPhone Apps to make sure you get up

4 Alarm Clock Apps for your iPhone

Stop wasting time (oversleeping) with a good but old standard iOS Clock app. Developers worldwide keep doing wonderful job with these kind of applications.

  1. Sleep Cycle – wakes you up smoothly and collects all data about your sleeping habits while you use the app (i.e. when sleeping)
  2. Wake N Shake Alarm Clock – you have to shake it until a certain level to turn it off
  3. Carrot Alarm – makes you wake up with challenges and song/app rewards (and sometimes threats)
  4. Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) – won’t turn off until you walk to a certain location and take a specific photo of an object

Download these apps, try them out – I’m sure at least one of them can help you get up earlier or on time. I know it can be costly, but you’ll just have to figure out which one costs you more. If you fail a course or your employer fires you because of constant oversleeping, does it cost more than $0.99?

Have you already tried some of the apps? Do you think it doesn’t work? Share in the comments so that we, nice sleepy people, know in advance!






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