What I’d like to share with you… Almaty

What I’d like to share with you… Almaty

What I’d like to share with you… Almaty 2048 1144 ZANZEBEK BLOG


Zanzebek. Almaty City Mountains

Almaty, Kazakhstan.

This is a sketch of what I see everyday. This is the city I live in – Almaty. I travel here every single day after tons of surfing the internet. And as both a tourist and a citizen of Almaty I’d like to tell you how wonderful it is… in the upcoming posts (maybe).

I am planning to blog about mostly tech stuff, some gaming stuff and slightly about life in general. I think my friends are tired and not very interested in my stories, so I though I need a space of my own and the people who’d like to read my stories.

I’ve tried building several websites, but it’s so difficult that I thought I should build something I’d care enough to suffer the pain of building a website/blog on my own.

Almaty is changing very quickly and if you have ever been here before, chances are you’ll spot major changes the next time you travel here.

I don’t take too many photographs, but I have managed to gather some media about Almaty in one blogpost here.

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