Weekend at Charyn Canyon - Zanzebek Travel - 06

Weekend at Charyn Canyon

If you’re ever going to visit Kazakhstan – ask a local friend to drive you to Charyn Canyon.

It was an uneasy road with a few quite big bumps and millions of little ones too, but after a long and exhausting drive we finally made it! So nice that I had my GoPro with me and my friends to capture all these precious moments. Continue reading

Best iOS Apps and Games from Apple Design Awards 2016

As part of the Apple’s annually held Worldwide Developer’s Conference, Apple Design Awards showcase and award (duh) best iOS apps that have been released or updated during the year. And usually they are truly, honestly and 100% completely great! It’s one my favourite parts of WWDC. So here’s the list of Winner Apps and Games I’m going to download during the next few days or weeks (once I have enough of spare dollars on my debit card). Continue reading

Music inspiration june 15 - Zanzebek Lifestyle

Inspiration: Music of June – Zanzebek Life

It’s been almost 2 years since I posted an inspirational music playlist. I really wanted to change that for a long time and post some music, which I am about to with this ‘Music of June’ playlist. Here’s some great music for a very productive inspirational musical session that you deserve. The playlist starts with a song named ‘Parisian girl’ as an anthem to the gorgeous girl from Paris living here, in Kazakhstan, whom I see everyday at the coffee shop, and sometimes at a few other places in the city. I think she’s a French government spy. Just kidding! Plug your headphones, increase the volume, and Press Play. Continue reading

WWDC 2016 Summary

I believe I never miss an Apple event. This time tho I had this attempt at writing a WWDC 2016 summary. Scan along to see hints at the current trends. Continue reading

iOS 10 Preview Video – ‘Hey Hi Hello’

Apple just presented us with their latest mobile operating system iOS 10, which is all about the fun, and I mean FUN!

40 Rare Muhammad Ali photographs

Muhammad Ali isn’t only the greatest boxer of all times, but also a great philanthropist, activist, father and many other things. His inspirational and, as said by some, controversial figure left an inspirational and motivational energy of hope to this world for many human generations to come. I couldn’t stay silently when I read that he passed away. Here are some rare Muhammad Ali photographs I found. Continue reading

E3 2016 Where to watch - Zanzebek Video Games

E3 2016 main live streams – Where to watch?

E3 2016 is one of the major and most anticipated events for gamers and casual video game amateurs. Every year, the expo event presents the world breathtaking technologies and amazing games with stunning graphics. Let’s hope they’ll keep up with the game this year too. Continue reading

Main - Summer 2016 essentials - Male Bloggers

Summer 2016 Essentials

It’s summer already and there are things that should be thought of in advance. I don’t have any of these, but I’d sure use every little opportunity to make these clothes and accessories mine. Especially that “Hey, Arnold!” t-shirt at the bottom of this post. Continue reading

Love Don't Cost A thing - Zanzebek Mood - Main Light

Mood: Love Don’t Cost A Thing

There are tons of books and movies that will never get tired of telling people that true love doesn’t cost any money or anything. However, people are not the one’s who like to learn things the easy way, right? In the light of what keeps happening around me (and to me) for a couple of years now, today I devote my time to give my favourite movie form high school a special place on this blog. Oh the movie is called “Love Don’t Cost a Thing”. Continue reading

Mathpix iOS App - solve math equations - Zanzebek Tech

Mathpix scans and solves math equations – iOS Apps – Zanzebek Blog

I would personally put Mathpix iOS app into App Store’s ‘Back to School’ Essentials list. I’ve studied in a school that specialises on teaching maths, physics and IT, and I can certainly say this app here is golden (but free). The app lets you solve a hand written math equation by just pointing your iOS device’s camera onto the piece of paper. Doing that allows the camera to scan the list to find a math equation and the app solves it in seconds. Continue reading