iOS 10 Preview Video – ‘Hey Hi Hello’

After their latest event, Apple have released their latest mobile operating system. Here’s iOS 10 preview video called “Hey Hi Hello!”

Apple iOS 10 Preview Video – Hey Hi Hello!

Apple just presented us with their latest mobile operating system iOS 10, which is all about fun, and I mean FUN! Apple Music, news, iMessage and much more.

Check if your device is able to upgrade to the new iOS, because Apple is infamous for not letting the OG users to be on top of the OS game.

If you want to have an early access to all of Apple’s software releases, you can become a part of the Developer Beta program. Just head over to Apple’s Developer Beta website.

*UPDATE: After the release of newer iOS versions, Apple’s YouTube channel removed the iOS 10 Preview video without notice. No information wether the video will be back is expected.






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