Easily Erase an iPhone, Even If You Don’t Remember The Passcode

Zanzebek Blog. Erase iPhone No Passcode

Sometimes it does happen. To name one example, I decide to change iPhone lock screen passcode, and a day later I forget it. Also, this method works if you forgot the Restrictions code. Make sure you have your iCloud up and working, so that you can restore important data later. Then, follow this advice…

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Zanzebek Blog. 50 Life Advice Cartoon

50 Life Advice From Beloved Cartoon Characters

If your parents tell you someday that watching cartoons is a waste of time and that it can’t teach you anything, show them this infographic. They wouldn’t expect such meaningful life advice from child cartoons. Continue reading

Zanzebek Blog. Inspirational Wall Art. May 15. Featured Image

15 Inspirational Wall Art Prints for your Interior

I believe you should always have a big reminder-slash-inspiraiton right there on your walls next to your work space. And it only benefits you and your creativity jumpstarts if you change them from time to time. Here are my current favourites:

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Zanzebek Blog. Facebook Instant Articles

#BigOne: Facebook’s Instant Articles to 10x speed up websites’ loading time

For a long time now we’ve been suffering from the waiting for a website link on our facebook feeds to load. Now tho, Facebook released their groundbreaking solution: ‘Instant Articles’. The loading speed increased as much as 10 times.

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11 Quick Tips To Stay Productive Every Day

1. Plan Ahead

I know it’s easy to fail even this step. I usually just find a cool “To-Do” app for iOS and write every single task into the app. Right now I’m using Any.Do. The thing I like about it is that it’s simple and straight forward. Continue reading

40 Different Blogpost Angles


Not too long ago I found an image with the list of these different blogpost angles made by someone I can’t find. This list is a goldmine. Here’s my introductory explanations on every point.

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