Zanzebek Blog. Apple March Event | Spring Forward

Apple’s «Spring Forward» Event For March 9th & Tim Cook’s Cheat Sheet

Zanzebek Blog. Apple March Event | Spring Forward

Apple’s approach to mysterious announcements are a must-have, despite the fact it teases fans and investors, it does it’s job well – everyone starts talking about it. No one knows for sure what happens during Keynote, but certain common rumours have settled throughout the internet. Continue reading

15 Apps for Frequent Instagrammers

Zanzebek Blog. 15 Apps For Frequent InstagramersThere are tons of apps for pre-Instagram photo editing. Here are the ones I use most of the times. Continue reading

Game Of Thrones Bloopers #2

Time to start collecting Game Of Thrones Bloopers videos

HBO has published yet another funny Game of Thrones video. It’s a great way to please fans who are waiting for – and to remind the not-yet-fans of – the upcoming new Season 5 of the series. Continue reading

Find Out What's Your Favourite Despicable Me Minion's Name

Find Your Favourite «Despicable Me» Minion’s Name

This Infographic provided to you by shows all of the adorable minion characters mentioned in the Despicable Me movies and how to tell them apart. Continue reading

Words Of Wisdom from Nicki Minaj

Zanzebek Blog. Inspiration. Nicki Minaj Wisdom Quotes

Nicki Minaj via: FlickR

You might think of Nicki Minaj as being an ambassador of those people who never stop thinking about butts and stuff. Well, don’t. Continue reading

Inspiration: Flamenco

You may not frequently refer to Flamenco dance as entertaining, but this short documentary might make you have second thoughts. Continue reading

Short Movie Revealing Severus Snape Story in a Chronological Order

Severus Snape and Lily's Love Story Video

Image Source: FlickR

Any of you feel blue after Valentine’s Day? A little depressed and like not giving a poop to important things and irrationally thinking about your sad loneliness? This video will refresh your thoughts on Harry Potter book series’ character – Severus Snape. Continue reading

Tech: Take Full Advantage of iPhone Widgets

Zanzebek Blog iOS 8 iPhone 6 Plus Widgets

With new iOS, if you havent noticed yet, there is a new feature called widget, which is basicly the same thing as the ones in desktop operating systmes, except that it really works and is found useful by many. So install the important iPhone widgets before it becomes mainstream. Continue reading

How Can You Reduce iPhone Battery Consumption?

1. Location Services. Don’t allow every single app to use location services. Think before accepting if you need it, and how it’s going to affect your battery. Continue reading