15 Helpful Apps for Instagrammers – Crush Your Instagram Game

There are tons of apps for Instagrammers to edit photos and videos. Here are the ones I use most of the times.

Zanzebek Blog. 15 Apps For Frequent Instagramers

1. VSCO cam

15 Apps For Instagramers. VSCO Cam

This simple and beautiful app lets you fix and filter your pics with an extraordinary correlation between ease of use and power.

2. Instasize

15 Apps For Frequent Instagramers. Instasize

Helps to fit your portrait selfies or group landscape photos to the Instagram’s square rules.

3. PicLab HD

15 Apps For Instagramers. PicLab HD

Lots of different tools, but I mostly use it for the typography posts. If I want to add some text to the photo, I always think of PicLab HD.

4. FontCandy+

15 Apps For Instagramers. FontCandy +

Similar to PicLab HD, but so-o-o-o-o different. It does that text things too, along with other things like filters, but it does all these things in it’s own style. Very powerful app.

5. Afterlight

15 Apps For Instagramers. Afterlight

Lots of fun stuff to do with the app. Filters, frames, crop, edit, etc. All-in-one.

6. InstaSave

15 Apps For Instagramers. InstaSave

Very simple and quick app that lets you save any video from Instagram. You just have to copy and paste links to videos and that’s it – you have them.


15 Apps For Instagramers. Followers+

Although I don’t like this Follow-for-Follow craze, counting who «betrayed» you and who blocked you, it is reasonable to take track of general trends. Like if number of your followers decreased lately, it might be a warning for you to take care of your content.

8. Dropbox

15 Apps For Instagramers. Dropbox

I’m adding Dropbox to every app list, but that happens for a reason. If you’re taking lots of photos, you have to back them up and keep the Camera Roll clean. Moreover, if you have to edit photos both from your laptop and from your iPhone, it comes quite handy when transfering files in between.

9. Procreate

15 Apps For Instagramers. Procreate

Very powerful graphic design tool right in your pocket. How good can a photo be edited depends solely on how you master the app. Although the app wasn’t made for editing photos, I find it very helpful. The only thing left is to actually know how to draw.

10. Sketches by Tayasui

15 Apps For Instagramers. Sketches by Tayasui

If you are struggling to take photographs or find real life boring, you can always practice at drawing stuff. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece right away, start doodling and soon enough you’ll have a beautifully drawn… human eye. This app is a nice help in terms of how easy it is to draw with it and how many cool features it has. When I gave up my iPad Mini, the first thing I began missing is Paper app by Fiftythree (goes exclusively for iPad). Sketches by Tayasui is closest to Paper in terms of the feel you get from sketching.

11. Slow Shutter Cam

15 Apps For Instagramers. Slow Shutter

Never tried, but so willing to take long exposure photographs. There are tons of apps that let you do this on an iPhone, BUT most of them aren’t up-to-date. Slow Shutter Can is very easy to use, and is optimised for iPhone 6 Plus. Which means it’ll work on any Apple mobile device that has a camera.

Video Making and Editing

12. Hyperlapse

15 Apps For Instagramers. Hyperlapse

iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus already have the timelapse feature built-in, but even so there’s little flexibility yet. With Hyperlapse, you can choose how fast your video goes, and you can save your video to edit later.

13. ProCam

15 Apps For Instagramers. ProCam

With ProCam I can feel that my iPhone 6 Plus camera is that real heavy-weight camera, one of those Canons or Nikons, you know. There’s a reason I get the feeling. ProCam is super full of features just like the professional cameras themselves. So if you’re a photograph-savvy, don’t lose any second – download the app.

14. iMovie

15 Apps For Instagramers. iMovie

If your Instgram profile is more video-friendly(-heavy) then iMovie is a must have. It’s free, it’s made by Apple and it’s Apple recommended. There’s little else to add, really.

15. Instasize  Video

15 Apps For Instagramers. Instasize Video

I hate cutting and cropping media just to post it on Instagram. On the other hand, I don’t like the look of Instasized visuals (photo & video) on Instagram either. But if your video content is very important for your profile then Instasize for Video is a must have for you.

Can you suggest other great apps for Instagrammers?

Do you know any other cool apps for Instagrammers that help a lot with editing photos or making and editing videos? Basically, any other app that you use to post something to Instagram? Please, share in the comments!






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