Apple’s «Spring Forward» Event For March 9th & Tim Cook’s Cheat Sheet

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Apple’s approach to mysterious announcements are a must-have, despite the fact it teases fans and investors, it does it’s job well – everyone starts talking about it. No one knows for sure what happens during Keynote, but certain common rumours have settled throughout the internet. Here’s a short list:

«Spring Forward» Meanings:
– A big leap forward – a move to the New Lifestyle (with the introduction of Apple Watch)
– Switch to Spring/Summer time, which happens exactly on March 9th (hint at the Apple Watch again)

Tim Cook’s Cheat Sheet for March 9th «Spring Forward» Apple Event 


What to Expect:

*(The New) Apple Store in China/Europe/US
 – Cool architecture of the new Apple Store
– Featuring new secure shelves/safes for Apple Watch

*Apple Watch
– Apple should approve the expected April launch of the Watch sales
– Apple Watch Apps and compatibility with other devices and cars are a definite part of the Keynote
– Fun demonstrations, such as sending doodles from Watch to Watch

*(The NEW) Macbook Air
– Retina Display
– One USB drive
– New USB charger
– High capacity battery

*(The NEW) iPad (Pro)
– A8X & M8 chip
– 16Gb / 64Gb / 128Gb
– All-day-long battery
– Extra performance graphics

*iOS 8.2 (or 8.3)
– New Emojis
– New Apple Wacth App and Watch related improvements to other main apps (like HealthKit)

*OS X Yosemite Update
– Apple Watch Compatibility
– iPhoto Update
– Emoji Update

*iPod and Macbook Pro updates haven’t been seen for a while

*Apple TV

What else do You expect from the Apple Keynote this Spring? Share in the comments!






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