WhatsApp Voice Calls Will Be Available Now (For Some) and in Weeks (For Others)

You can now call via WhatsApp she said… Let’s call each other she said… There are a few tweaks about WhatsApp voice calls.

Should’ve done it earlier tho. Why haven’t WhatsApp done it long ago? I believe they were just strying to solve one problem at a time. More than that, iOS wasn’t ready for that yet.

With iOS 8.3 if you haven’t noticed, you can use Wi-Fi for voice calls now. It depend on your carrier, but mostly it’s available for masses.

I belive folks at WhatsApp headquarter took advantage of this feature and took it to the next level – usable, basically.

Here’s the WhatsApp Update screenshot in my iPhone’s App Store:

Zanzebek iPhone 6 Plus App Store - Updates - WhatsApp

Since I live in Kazakhstan and use Kazakhstani App Store, not a single thing has changed after I installed the Update. I tried pressing the Whatsapp Call button, but all it does is switches me to a chat with that person. However, they say in the Update Description that changes will roll out slowly over the next few weeks. So lets see.

Other than that there’s this new feature that allows sending multiple videos and applying basic editing (crop/rotate). I won’t bother using it anyways, since I have other tools AND Snapchat.

But the good thing is we can now edit contacts tight from WhatsApp. As I remember now, it was a little struggle everytime I tried to manipulate contact numbers, name and other contact data.

For me, this update is more about editing contacts rather than calling them via Whatsapp.






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