Vainglory: Is anyone up for a quickie?

Yesterday, I returned to playing Vainglory and it kinda stuck to me. Back when I just tried the game for the first time, I could barely find players in the auto-player-match. And even after I found a few guys to play for fun – it wasn’t fun. Most of them couldn’t play (yeah, me too, but less obvious, duh). After a few hours of disappointment and frustration I went back to the good old keyboard and a mouse to play Dota 2 with the veterans (my friends).

But now:

did you know there’s an international championship going on somewhere sometime? The game have managed to attract and grow so many skilled players that I really want to play and… LOSE… in a REAL HERO battle.

I have this (2nd) Vainglory game of mine recorded. I had huge issues with internet and we almost lost. Honestly, I have no idea how we won.

Vainglory Youtube Channels

If you’re only starting out, then here are a few Vainglory Youtube channels for you to check out:

By the way, if you play it (well), add me – @Zanzebek. I’ll be happy to have someone from my blog in my team! ^^






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