Unexpected Calls Bring Exactly What You Wanted. Just pick up the phone!

Oh, yes! I have a job now! Last month I received a call that basically got me a new job – yay! However, I feel like I have no time for my blog now. So from now on I’ll try to post most of the blogposts right from my iPhone. We’ll see how it goes (*update: this draft is one month old). 


If you read a few of my previous posts you probably know that most of my spare time I spend at the Alasha restaurant. For most it’s a fancy restaurant with Central Asian food. For me and a few others like me it’s a chill place with nice Shisha and food. Oh, and the staff is very friendly, which is basically the most important thing about the restaurant. Having a generous discount is also not bad.

Someone once said that 80% of success is achieved by just showing up. In my case it was just picking up the phone.






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